Toolkit articles tagged with keyword 'Publishing'.

  • Self-publishing your open access book

    There are advantages and disadvantages to self-publishing an academic book. Advantages include speed and autonomy. Disadvantages include the labour involved and the lack of peer review, quality assurance, dissemination and marketing support provided by a reputable press. This article explores these...

  • The difference between open access and non-open access books

    When considering which model to choose, what are the fundamental differences between an open access book and a non-open access book?

  • The difference between an open access book and an open access journal

    Although the process of open access is similar for both books and journal articles, the two formats are arguably very different, making the publication of open access books a more complex process than that of producing journals.

  • Types of publishers and publishing services

    There are multiple types of publishers which differ in their approaches and operating models but offer broadly similar services. This article details the types of publishers, the services you should expect, and some of the charges you might encounter.

  • Peer review and quality control

    Peer review, selective submission standards, editorial support and other attributes of prestigious publication are independent of the openness of the publication. Some open access publishers apply the highest standards of quality control, some non-open access publishers publish low-quality works and...