Published 12 July 2024

Future developments

The toolkit will be regularly updated and maintained. In addition, we plan to add further articles and new features based on feedback that we receive (See Help and feedback).

Plans for the addition of further articles on the following topics:

  • Open access books & the global south
  • Open access book publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and Science, Technology and Medicine (STM)

Plans for the addition of further features and developments:

  • A search function
  • Special icon in article text to recognize glossary terms
  • An interactive quiz for users to test their knowledge

Please note these plans are not tied to a fixed schedule, in case you would like to know more about a particular development feel free to get in touch.

We are open to suggestions and recommendations for developing this resource further. You can share feedback at any time by email which will be considered and may be incorporated as part of future update cycles. To get in touch, please contact Lotte van Aalten, Project Manager, OAPEN Foundation, by email: [email protected]

Last edited on 12 July 2024, at 11:32 (+0000)