Toolkit articles tagged with keyword 'Funding'.

  • Eligibility criteria for grant applications

    When writing your open access book, you may be able to apply for funding from a grant-making organisation, your institution, or your research funder. Specific requirements for such applications vary widely, but you should be aware of certain common eligibility criteria.

  • Overview of available funding

    If your publisher requires that you provide funding to support the publication of your open access book via a book processing charge (BPC) or open access fee, you may be able to access funding from your institution or a grantmaking organisation. You or your publisher could also organise a crowdfunding...

  • List of funding sources for open access books

    An increasing number of publishers will provide you with options for publishing your book open access. As a way of addressing the issue of funding, you may be required to pay a fee prior to publication. An increasing number of institutional and research funders are making funds available to cover...