Toolkit articles tagged with keyword 'Copyright'.

  • How will researchers use, re-use and build upon my research?

    When your book is published open access, what readers can do with your published work depends on the licence.

  • How to choose a publisher for your open access book

    As with any book proposal, when choosing a publisher for your open access book you should consider whether they publish high-quality work in your subject area, but also explore important issues including licensing, fees, and discoverability.

  • Contracting and copyright

    When discussing the terms of your publishing agreement with a publisher, it is important to be aware of open access requirements from your institution or research funder, and to pay close attention to the terms specific to making the work open access, such as copyright retention and the particular...

  • Green, gold, diamond – different models for open access books

    Open access can be achieved in a number of ways, with varying results. A publisher might make the book available open access, or an author might archive a pre-publication manuscript version in a repository for anyone to read. Other models are also explored in this article.