Published 8 March 2021

Recording: Frankfurt Book Fair - OAPEN OA Books Toolkit

October 22, 2020. Recording Link:

This live Q&A session discussed the OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit, a new, free resource.

The toolkit aims to help authors better understand open access (OA) for books, to increase trust in OA book publishing, to provide reliable and easy-to-find answers to questions from authors, and to provide guidance in the process of publishing an OA book. The toolkit was developed in a series of workshops for authors, hosted by the universities of Oxford, Glasgow and Utrecht, in collaboration with Springer Nature and OAPEN. The Q&A session starts with a short presentation about the toolkit and a brief demo, before it opened up to a live discussion where panellists took questions from attendees.

  • Lucy Barnes, Editor, Open Book Publishers
  • Eelco Ferwerda, Director, OAPEN Foundation
  • Ros Pyne, Director, Open Access Books and Book Policies, Springer Nature
  • Graham Stone, Senior Programme Manager – open access monographs, Jisc
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