Published 1 November 2022


After your open access book has been published, how will your publisher market and promote your work?

How your open access book will be marketed can vary between publishers. One of the benefits of open access book publishing is that your work will be more easily accessible and shareable which can lead to greater discoverability and dissemination (See dissemination and discoverability). It is important to check with your publisher how your book will be made available, considering both digital formats and the reach of the platform(s) where it will be hosted.

Publishers increasingly rely on digital channels in order to reach the greatest number and widest range of readers around the world with effective targeting.

Some publishers may be able to dedicate more time and resources to your book whilst others might have a larger network where they can promote your book. Certain publishers might have access to more relevant bookseller and researcher networks than others. They may be able to pay more attention to your book promotion but lack resources whereas others may be able to invest more and reach a wider audience. The global reach of your publisher can also be enhanced by a strong search engine optimisation (SEO) of their website.

It is advisable to check potential publishers’ websites or approach them to find out how they market their open access books and how they target any campaigns. Marketing activities can range from newsletters and e-alerts, to catalogues and displaying at exhibitions (or virtual bookshelves during the COVID-19 lockdown), as well as press releases, review copies for editors, author interviews, book launches, book flyers, a web page just for your book, social media posts (organic or promoted), inclusion in library packages, and so on. Some publishers may ask authors to provide them with a list of whom they could market the book to on behalf of the author.

Consider why you are publishing the book; check that the publisher’s marketing activities align with what you are trying to achieve, and that they are able to provide you with information about metrics to demonstrate the impact of your book.

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