Published 7 September 2020

How do I choose a publisher for my open access book?1

As with any book proposal, when choosing a publisher for your open access book you should consider whether they publish high-quality work in your subject area, but also explore important issues including licensing, fees, and discoverability.

A publisher should give clear information on their website about the services they offer and any fees involved, the open access model they offer, and their peer-review processes. Consider whether the publisher is a member of OASPA and thus fulfils the OASPA membership criteria, and consult sources, such as the OAPEN list of publishers, which indicate compliance with the access requirements of European research funders.

You do not need to restrict your search to publishers on these lists, but they are a useful starting point.

The following toolkit article(s) address(es) this question:

How to choose a publisher for your open access book

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