Published 12 July 2024

Who is responsible for this toolkit?

The Open Access Books Toolkit is a global and multi-stakeholder initiative. The toolkit is hosted by OAPEN. A broad and diverse Editorial Advisory Board is involved in the development and maintenance of the toolkit, including authors, publishers, research support staff, funders and other key stakeholders.

The toolkit was developed in close collaboration with Springer Nature and the University of Glasgow, with support from the universities of Oxford, Glasgow and Utrecht, who hosted a series of workshops during the development stage (see Story of this toolkit).

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board provides editorial support, which includes identifying new resources, suggesting changes and maintaining regular update cycles.

Niels Stern, Director OAPEN Foundation & Co-director DOAB Foundation (Chair)

Lotte van Aalten, Publisher Relations Manager, OAPEN Foundation (Main contact)

Margo Bargheer, Head of Electronic Publishing, Göttingen University Press

Lucy Barnes, Editor and Outreach Coordinator, Open Book Publishers

Christina Emery, Senior Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership Programmes, Springer Nature

Eelco Ferwerda, Independent

Doris Haslinger, Programme Management Stand-Alone Publications Humanities and Social Sciences, Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Andrew Joseph, Digital Publisher, Wits University Press

Koen Leurs, Assistant Professor Gender & Postcolonial Studies, Utrecht University

Valerie McCutcheon, Research Information Manager, University of Glasgow

Lucy Montgomery, Professor Internet Studies, Curtin University

Sotiria Psoma, University Lecturer BioScience and Technology, The Open University

Ros Pyne, Global Director, Research and Open Access, Bloomsbury

Claire Redhead, Executive Director, OASPA

Jeroen Sondervan, Project Leader Open Access & Open Science Programme, Utrecht University

Toby Steiner, Product Manager & COO, Thoth Open Metadata

Graham Stone, Senior Programme Manager Open Access Monographs, Jisc


OAPEN invites stakeholders in scholarly communication to help cover costs for ongoing maintenance and further development of the toolkit. For more information (See Support the toolkit).

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The main contact for the toolkit is Lotte van Aalten, Publisher Relations Manager, OAPEN, [email protected].

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